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Choosing the Right Executor for You


    Any person making a will has the right to choose their executor. The executor should be someone who can handle the administration of your estate and responsibly deal with any issues that arise. You should consider the fact that your executor must be able to simultaneously administer your estate, communicate with family members, attempt to carry on with their normal life, and deal with the emotional toll of your death. You can choose an individual or a professional executor to act on the behalf of your estate. There are advantages and disadvantages to both choices, which are discussed below.

    Professional Executor

    If you have a large or complicated estate, it is probably a good idea to appoint a professional executor. Professional executors could be attorneys, banking institutions, or other professionals who have experience with the probate process. It also may also be a good idea to appoint a professional executor if you do not believe your friends or family members are capable of taking on the task. Whether you are worried about feuding family members or just think your choice would struggle to find the time, a professional executor may be your best option.

    Individual Executor

    Many people choose to use a family member or close friend to act as an executor of their estate. Family member executors are appropriate to manage most estates, but generally they are smaller states that do not require a lot of attention or work. However, even family member executors should consult an experienced probate attorney to make sure they are acting properly, especially if they are unsure of their duties as executor.