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Raleigh Divorce Attorney – Caring and Supportive

If you are considering a divorce, it would be wise to consult with a local divorce attorney at Brady Law. The laws concerning divorce can be complex and a divorce attorney can help you understand the process, how it will affect you and other family members, what you can expect to happen and when, and the types of options you may have available to you depending upon the circumstances of your specific case. Many times counseling can help a troubled marriage, and Brady Law can assist you in finding help in this area if you would like to explore this option.

There are many issues involved in a divorce which must be decided including property division and spousal support. These decisions can become more complicated when children are involved and the divorcing parties must agree on how they will parent their children, including who will have custody and issues of child support and visitation. A divorce attorney in North Carolina is knowledgeable about all of the issues and requirements concerning divorce and is an invaluable asset helping to advise and guide you through the divorce process.

Keeping Your Focus On What Is Important – Wake Forest Divorce Attorney

When both spouses have already agreed on how they will handle a lot of the decisions they must make, the process runs more smoothly. But, many times emotions can derail already agreed upon issues leading to conflict and stress. A divorce attorney can help work out many of the issues with the divorcing parties by helping them keep their focus on what is important and guiding them in making decisions based on reason and not on emotion, whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

Wake Forest divorce attorney can help you to protect your parental and financial rights. You can expect to receive advice on how to deal with financial issues such as joint checking and savings accounts and how to document your financial records. You will also be advised on how your relationship with your children will affect your options concerning child custody, visitation and support.

North Carolina Divorce Attorney – Help for Domestic Violence

North Carolina has laws designed specifically to protect victims of domestic violence. If domestic violence has been a problem in your marriage, a North Carolina divorce attorney knows how to go about getting you the legal help that is available through a protective order from the court and can advise you on other steps you can take to protect yourself.

Call Brady Law Firm, your local Raleigh attorney for advice and guidance when considering a divorce. You can depend on Brian Brady to give you the personal attention you deserve and the professional service you require.