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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law protects the creative works of authors, composers, designers and inventors to insure others do not wrongfully profit from their original ideas. Intellectual property law encompasses copyright laws, patent laws, trademarks and trade secrets. An employer uses trade secret clauses for company creations. The Internet has opened many challenging areas for intellectual property law. Whether you’re starting a Raleigh business or have discovered someone has used your property without permission, consult our intellectual property attorneys to learn more about your options.

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Legislators and laws are attempting to keep pace with the constant change of the Internet by adapting existing law to the cyberspace realms, domain names and cyber squatting for privacy regulations.

Intellectual Property Areas: Copyright, Patents, Trade Secrets, Trademark Lawyer in Cary

There are four basic categories of intellectual property law. Each is used with different types of material and affords different protections.

Copyrights: original works of authorship from creation and fixed in a tangible form

Patents: new/useful machines, articles, substances or processes through exclusive rights granted to federal government to their inventors

Trademarks: identifying marks that distinguish goods or services, such as names, logos, designs; trade secrets protect confidential business information or “proprietary information,” such as business plans, chemical formulas, and customer lists.

Trade Secrets: information, design, device, process, composition, technique or formula not widely known; affords its owner a competitive business advantage


Cyberspace refers to the virtual medium where anyone with a computer and malicious intent can steal copyrighted or trademarked material. Your competitive advantage can be destroyed and compensation for the hard work and effort put into your intellectual property may be lost. Cyber professionals experienced in tracking down individuals and organized groups intentionally stealing your intellectual property need to do so with the utmost urgency. Intellectual property attorneys with the Brady Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina will protect you from unlawful infringements while aggressively pursuing and prosecuting the responsible parties.

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The intellectual property owner can license, sell or will the patent, copyright or trademark. And like a homeowner, the owner of intellectual property is subject to rules regarding government registration, recordable, abandonment and forfeiture. However, not all products of the mind can achieve protection under intellectual property law. Sometimes you will need an attorney’s help to recognize, preserve and protect these intellectual property rights. Call the office of Brady Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina when needed.

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