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Brian Brady, a Raleigh copyright law attorney, serves the Wake County area for all business, corporate and intellectual property concerns. There are many misconceptions regarding copyright law and that is one of the main reasons why it is so essential that owners of intellectual property seek professional advice on how to best guard the exclusive right to control of their own creative property.

Raleigh Copyright Attorney Protects Intellectual Property

You’ve written the Great American Novel and want to keep others from stealing your plotline. Perhaps you want to protect the photos you’ve taken for a business publication, or wish to keep your original advertising from being copied. Corporations may be concerned about the privacy of trade secrets. Protecting your intellectual property through copyright, patent, or trademark will help establish exclusive ownership, preventing infringement. Copyright attorney Brian Brady will help you register, giving you the exclusive right to license, sell, or will your creative work as you see fit.

Durham Intellectual Property Lawyer Prevents Mistakes

One of the most common misconceptions is the belief that a “poor man’s copyright”, the practice of mailing a copy of your own work to yourself, is proof of copyright protection. Even though it sounds quick and easy, the “poor man’s copyright” offers no protection whatsoever. Simply claiming copyright in a statement is equally ineffective. Brian Brady, an experienced Raleigh intellectual property lawyer, has the skill and knowledge necessary to protect your rights regarding Raleigh trademark protection, copyright, and trade secrets involving intellectual property rights. For simple, straightforward needs, he offers economical do-it-yourself packages that address all legal requirements for ironclad protection and delivers personalized service for more complicated cases.

A Cary Copyright Lawyer Who Protects Your Interests Saves You Money

If your copyrighted work has been reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without permission, you should contact an intellectual property lawyer as soon as possible. In certain cases, such as “work made for hire”, another individual or business may own the rights, rather than the author or creator of the intellectual property. Employees, or those paid to do a specific job, for instance, automatically relinquish intellectual property rights.

Unfortunately, in today’s world of cyber-sharing, intellectual property rights, whether copyrighted or trademarked, can be ignored or even challenged. Each infringement can mean lost profit. Intellectual property attorney Brian Brady pursues and prosecutes wrongdoers on your behalf for statutory damages and attorney’s fees. Establishing ownership is key to proving an infringement case.

Durham copyright lawyer Brian Brady assists with copyright/trademark transfers and “Special Handling” (in cases of pending or prospective litigation, customs matters, or achieving contract deadlines). We also offer estate planning, Real Estate, Property Law and Raleigh Durham traffic ticket legal representation.