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Business logos, designs, phrases or symbols can set one company apart from all the rest and can be an important business asset. Raleigh trademark attorney Brian Brady knows that protecting company trademarks is key to protecting company profits.

Raleigh Trademark Attorney

If you are starting a new business and wish to register your trademark or copyright, he can help you file the application to register a federal trademark, including the initial search to ensure that yours is not too similar to like products (which could lead to accusations against you for trademark infringement, even if you are in an entirely different industry).

Registering your trademark gives you rights. It puts the public at large on notice and sets a legal precedence of your ownership, empowering you to enforce the right to your trademark. Your trademark registration allows you to register in foreign countries and can even be used in conjunction with Customs to prevent importation of trademark knock-offs.

Raleigh Intellectual Property Lawyer

If you’re starting a business in the Durham County area or have discovered someone has used your property without permission, contact Durham intellectual property lawyer Brian Brady of The Brady Law Firm to protect your rights and interests. He knows how to start an investigation into trademark infringement and works hard to identify the person or organized group responsible. An aggressive and effective litigator, Raleigh intellectual property lawyer Brian Brady will seek damages and dissolution from those who take your hard work and claim it for themselves if mediation fails.

Durham Trademark Lawyer

Raleigh and Durham trademark lawyer Brian Brady understands every aspect of trademark law and how it applies to your particular situation. The Brady Law Firm is dedicated to protection of patent, trademark, trade secrets, and copyright rights and aggressively pursues those who infringe and profit at our client’s expense. When you need a skilled, experienced trademark lawyer, call The Brady Law Firm for answers you can trust to questions you have.