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Estate Administration

Dealing with estate planning and probate can be challenging. Estate administration is the process of taking inventory of assets, pay claims, file tax returns and distribute assets to the beneficiaries.

Raleigh Estate Administration – Attorney Brian Brady

Many find it extremely difficult to begin to think about the planning of their estate. The many facets of estate planning can make this all seem very overwhelming. But don’t let this scare you off. Keep in mind the time to plan for death or disability is when you’re healthy. Taking steps today allows you to create a plan to minimize the burden for your loved ones and ensure that the portion that gets lost to taxes is as small as possible. Whether you are beginning to contemplate what your estate planning goals are or you have just discovered that a loved one has passed away and that it was his or her intention that you be the one to handle his or her affairs, having a knowledgeable, capable guide there to help you sort through all of the details can help you have peace of mind.

The primary foundation of an Estate Plan is your Last Will and Testament. You can add a Power of Attorney and items to achieve the results you desire. This can be combined with savings, investment, retirement and long-term care planning, as well as trusts, an all-inclusive tax-saving financial plan for the preservation of your assets, the protection and continued operation of your business, the support and care of your minor children upon you and your spouse’s death.

Reasons You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer in North Carolina

A well-prepared Estate Plan can keep more of your money and property in the hands of your beneficiaries, rather than turning over a larger portion than necessary to government entities, and it ensures that your assets are distributed as you intend. You can make provisions for your possible incapacitation by specifying your personal and health care preferences and provide funds to cover funeral expenses, plus immediate and/or long-term family living costs. If you own or manage a small business, it can ensure business continuity. You can also choose the individual(s) you want to carry out your instructions and care for your minor children.

An Estate Plan assures prompt economical and private distribution of your estate without the excessive involvement and expense of courts, attorneys and others. A call to Brian Brady of the Brady Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina will be the big step in your estate plan.

Why Probate Attorneys are Necessary

Hiring an estate planning attorney can help you avoid costly mistakes. One wrong word or missing signature can change the entire intent of a Will or Trust. State laws govern Estate Plans. They are very specific about what can and cannot be included in estate planning documents.

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