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Raleigh Trust Attorney

Just as every person is unique, drafting a trust is a personalized yet legal process in which to dispense of your estate according to your wishes while continuing to protect assets. Raleigh trust attorney Brian Brady’s knowledge and experience is an asset to the planning process and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ve hired the best attorney to ensure that those you love receive what you want them to have. If you have questions about a Raleigh trust, The Brady Law Firm has the answers.

Durham Estate Planning Lawyer

An experienced estate planning lawyer understands the ramifications of ignoring the necessity for a Raleigh Durham will or trust. Depending on circumstances, the courts, based on state guideline calculations, may award one third to one hundred percent of your real property (and a varying amount of personal property) to your spouse or partner. Since one third of your estate may not be enough to provide for a comfortable lifestyle, leaving such decisions up to the court is a risky business. Durham estate planning lawyer Brian Brady understands North Carolina law and makes sure all paperwork is in order and filed in a timely manner.

Raleigh Will and Trust Attorney

A Raleigh trust keeps your estate from going through the slow process of probate and its accompany costs, reduces taxes, discourages potential litigation, as well as keeping the value of your assets from becoming public knowledge. Brian Brady, a Raleigh will and trust attorney, professionally administers trusts, paying expenses out of the estate, overseeing the transfer of property according to the terms of the will or state law (if intestate death). He also directs the inventory and appraisal of all assets.

Helping Wake County residents preserve and protect their assets and overseeing estate distribution, Brian Brady, Raleigh Durham trust attorney, is well respected in the community for his honesty and integrity and dedication to helping his neighbors, acquaintances and clients. Call today for a free consultation.