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Raleigh Will Attorney Knows The Importance Of A Will

Contact Raleigh estate planning lawyer Brian Brady for will, probate, and estate planning. If you reside in Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, and the surrounding area and have minor children and/or assets, you need to consider what happens in the event of your death. Clear directions regarding the disposition of your belongings can settle confusion and prevent arguments or hurt feelings that can end up tearing a family apart. Leaving a will allows your family to receive their inheritance quickly, easing the financial burden. Rather than waiting on a state appointed administrator (paid for out of your estate), your assets can be divided and dispensed easily. Raleigh attorney Brian Brady also helps business owners to ensure that the company they worked so hard to build will not flounder.

Additionally, it gives you peace of mind, knowing who will be entrusted with your most precious possessions, including the most precious of all, your spouse and children by arranging for a will or trust that clearly states your wishes concerning inheritance and/or guardianship. By choosing an executor, you can control who will oversee the process of administering your estate. If you are a resident of Wake County or the surrounding area and you need a will, Raleigh attorney Brian Brady of Brady Law Firm will guide you through the process.

Retain A Durham Estate Lawyer To Protect Your Interests

Durham estate lawyer Brian Brady has seen the consequences of dying “intestate” (without a will). Even if your family is aware of your wishes and intends to comply, a will can reduce the risk of a successful claim by a relative that would go against your wishes for how your property is to be distributed after death. Without a will, your spouse or other intended beneficiary may not receive the share you’d intended. When you need legal advice concerning a Wake Forest will, call Brady Law Firm for answers you can trust.

Brady Law Firm, Raleigh Will and Estate Planning Attorney

A will may even factor into Durham divorce plans. Separated spousal partners are legally entitled in a share in your estate should you die before your divorce is final. Call Raleigh will and estate planning lawyer Brian Brady if you are separated or are contemplating separation to discuss the ramifications of the terms of your will and whether some changes need to be made. Brian Brady is familiar with all facets of estate administration from estate planning to guardianships and living and revocable trusts, including wills, probate, the contest of wills, and trust litigation or administration.