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What is a real estate lawyer?

  • A real estate lawyer is a licensed lawyer who focuses his or her attention on the law as it refers to real estate and real estate transactions. Real estate is the sale and purchase of land or buildings including homes. The laws that are applicable to real estate transactions are very stringent and as a result of the complexity rarely does an individual proceed with a property transaction without a real estate lawyer in Raleigh NC.

    The real estate lawyer has four primary responsibilities:

    • Review any agreements
    • Prepare all necessary contracts
    • Act as an mediator, and
    • Appear in court when and if necessary

    For real estate transactions there will be a purchase agreement, this agreement states all the details of the proposed transaction and any conditions that may surround the property or building. The purchase agreement normally includes any details of repairs that are outstanding, the date of possession of the land or building, the amount of down payment and the date of the transfer. It is the responsibility of the real estate lawyer in Raleigh NC to make sure that no laws are being broken and to protect his or her client from harm.

    Most people rely on their real estate lawyer to draw up a contract of sale, in this contract any specific terms, conditions or stipulations are noted and the rules that surround the sale and surround any claims that may be made in the future. If there are certain facts about the property in question that must be disclosed, they are disclosed in the contract of sale. The contract also specifies the limit of their legal liability against any legal action in the future.

    In many jurisdictions the real estate lawyer will act as an intermediary. The lawyer can be called upon to hold the deposit in a trust fund until the closing, they can enter into negotiations on behalf of their client and act as a coordinator with the court or another lawyer should there be a dispute.

    If there is a legal dispute and the case ends up in civil court it is always best that the real estate lawyer appears. In any law suit there is a need to develop strategy, the case must be fully researched and conferences with the opposing lawyers in an effort to reach a settlement. If an out of court settlement cannot be reached then the real estate lawyer in Raleigh NC will argue the case of his client in front of the judge.

    If you are about to enter into a residential or commercial property deal then you will need the services of a real estate lawyer in Raleigh NC. You are invited to contact the Brady Law Firm.