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Establishing Your Plan

Having your estate plan in place brings you and your family peace of mind. As uncomfortable as it may be to think about the end of life, proper planning provides your loved ones with predictability and ease. For many, establishing one’s estate plan is an incredibly rewarding moment. We at Brady Boyette, PLLC believe that creating your estate plan is a celebration of all you have accomplished.

Without a plan, your estate is subject to intestate succession and probate. Under intestate succession your assets pass to your heirs according to state law. The probate process can leave your loved ones with unnecessary costs and a lengthy public administration process. If you do not have an estate plan in place, we are here to help you with planning for you and yours.

Estate plans are either will-based or trust-based. However, no two estate plans are the same because no two families are the same. We are here to listen to you, to learn about your family, your assets, and your wishes. Together we can custom tailor an estate plan specifically for you. We provide you with a complete estate plan that directs your assets to your desired beneficiaries. Our plans also include supporting legal documents that prepare you for emergency situations, such as sudden incapacity or death.

Our estate planning services include, but are not limited to, the following:
Last Will & Testaments
Pour Over Wills
Private Trusts
Charitable Trusts
Durable Powers of Attorney
Health Care Powers of Attorney
HIPAA Authorizations
Living Wills
Personal Property Memorandums
Guardianship of Minor Letters
Caregiver Agreements

We are also here to help with proper beneficiary designations on your accounts as well as funding your trust.



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