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Maintaining Your Plan

Keeping your estate plan up to date is just as important as establishing your plan. If you have an estate plan but have not updated your estate plan in several years, you may want to consider thinking about the following items:

Your Home State

If you have recently moved to a new state your estate plan may need attention. A change in home state can affect the validity of your will and effectiveness of your other estate planning documents.

Life Events

A purchase of a new home, birth, death, remarriage, divorce, or estrangement may require changes to your estate plan.

Business Changes

If you owned a business when you initially established your estate plan, changes to the business and new tax implications may need to be considered. If you have acquired a business since you established your estate plan, your estate plan likely needs to be updated to accommodate your current assets.

Beneficiary Changes

Your preferences regarding who receives and how much may change over time. If your feelings have changed, you may want to restructure your beneficiary terms.

If your estate plan needs an update, we are happy to assist you whether you established your estate plan with us or with a former firm.

Our estate updating services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Last Will & Testament Codicils
  • Trust Amendments
  • Ancillary document re-drafts

Together, we can plan for your peace of mind. Contact Sinclaire Owen at Brady Boyette to discuss your estate planning needs.



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